Monday Nov. 7: Danielle Pieratti, Stanford Forrester, Tom Clausen & Michael Ketchek

POETRY READING: Monday November 7, 7pm—Danielle Pieratti and a group reading with Stanford M. Forrester, Tom Clausen, & Michael Ketchek

Danielle Pieratti's poems have appeared in The Paris Review, Boston Review, Barn Owl Review, Rhino, and other journals, and she received The Paris Review’s Bernard F. Connors Prize for Poetry in 2004. She is the author of two chapbooks: “By the Dog Star," the 2005 winner of the Edda Chapbook Competition for Women, and “The Post, the Cage, the Palisade," published by Dancing Girl Press in 2015. Danielle holds an MFA from Columbia University and is a teacher-consultant for the National Writing Project. She currently teaches high school English in South Windsor, and runs regular writing workshops and retreats for teacher-writers through the Connecticut Writing Project-Storrs at the University of Connecticut.

Group reading with Stanford M. Forrester, Tom Clausen, & Michael Ketchek drawing from the haiku tradition with glimpses of haibun, senryu, and tanka...

Stanford M. Forrester is a past president of the Haiku Society of America as well as the editor of bottle rockets: a collection of short verse, which boasts its 18th year in print. Stanford has had poems published in many journals and anthologies worldwide. He perhaps is most proud of his haiku being included in Haiku edited by Peter Washington in the Everyman’s Pocket Poetry Series published by Knopf, American Zen: A Gathering of Poets published by Bottomdog Press, and Haiku in English: The First 100 years published by Norton with an introduction by Billy Collins. In 2004 he took first seat in the 57th Annual Basho Anthology Contest in Ueno, Japan and in 2012, one of his haiku won second place in the International Robert Frost Poetry & Haiku Contest. That same year he was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Fairly recently one of his poems was featured in Japan on the NHK TV show Haiku Masters.

Tom Clausen

Michael Ketchek'shaiku have appeared regularly in haiku journals for the last 30 years, and in anthologies such as Haiku Moment (Charles E Tuttle Company), and Baseball Haiku (W.W. Norton and Company). My latest collection of haiku is entitled Who I Am (Free Food Press).


Location: The Studio @ Billings Forge
563 Broad Street, Hartford, CT 06106
Parking available next to Firebox restaurant or along Broad Street.
Free event.

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Nov. 7: Danielle Pieratti and Stanford M. Forrester with two haiku poets: Michael Ketchek and Tom Clausen

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All dates are Mondays, 7PM, starting with an OPEN MIKE.

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